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A sharp (♯) is a half-step up, and a flat (♭) a half-step down. Therefore, the black key notes have two different possible names. For example, the black note between F and G could either be called both F♯ or G♭. “I took a general music GCSE at school aged 16, and ended up totally lost and bewildered with the theory. I never really got started trying to learn piano and have always regretted it. On a total whim whilst Christmas shopping, I bought myself a Yamaha keyboard with the intention to try again and I am so glad I did and that I found pianonanny.

Learn Piano

Now look and the diagram below and have some fun playing the tune. Remember you start at Middle C, and can go up and down the piano familiarizing yourself with the keys. Our ‘Champions’ are the musicians we think showcase their instrument to the wider public, and make a substantial difference to the popularity of their instrument family. Non of the ‘Champions’ are remitted in any way by Ted’s List, and our list is completely impartial. If you have a favourite musician you would like to nominate to be added to our list of ‘Champions’, then please do contact us. You can find a list of 24, amazing, 88-key digital pianos here.

But if your musical goals are low, and you only wish to “plunk out” a few tunes here and there for some casual fun, then bookmark our webpage, save your money, and give this method a try. But the greatest disadvantage of this approach is also clear – you will receive no help or outside assistance apart from yourself. For nominal $’s, you can purchase the theory books alone from the established curriculums I’ve previously mentioned, while not purchasing the methods and technique books, too. The following list provides you with a range of options, ordered by their degree of traditional or technological elements.

Time signatures in music – Examples

One of the biggest things that you will near to learn to play the piano is to have the motivation and passion for it. If you have these 2 things, I assure you, you will be able to do it. While you can join these live group learning sessions, TakeLessons has courses for a wide range of subjects outside piano playing too.

Not Having Any Musical Background

The notes of the piano are represented by placing noteheads on the grand staff, which contains both a treble clef and a bass clef, tied together. These two clefs are then composed of five different lines and four spaces, each of these representing a different alphabetical note. These notes are of course then split into different patterns for the bass clef and for the treble clef. As you already know, the notation system shows five lines for the bass clef and five lines for treble clef.

Obviously, these are extremely important subjects when it comes to playing the piano. Music theory is often referred to as the “mathematics” of music. For some, it comes harder to understand, whereas others understand it quickly.

Now, if you have limited experience playing the piano, this will not be the easiest feat. This is why I would recommend watching tutorials of whichever songs you would like to learn. Youtube has come a long way in the last 10 or so years. The reason why I have chosen to combine learning to play the piano by ear & youtube is that this is the very way I learned to do so over 10 years ago. While it’s easy ask what the best way to learn to play piano is, it’s a bit harder to give you the answer.


This is a great beginning step for anyone wanting to learn piano online. Imagine your kids having so much fun learning piano that they keep coming back to the bench on their own! 鋼琴課程 for kids keep them engaged while guiding them on what to practice, so you don’t have to. It is a single note group of notes that float above chords, sometimes accompanied by lyrics or sometimes played just by instruments. But be careful, although I think it’s an excellent channel for more ‘traditional learning’ – reading music is not a focus of the Creative Piano Academy, nor is music theory. They concentrate more on how to play popular new songs and different piano concepts.

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